Top speeds

Manny's Transmissions still lists the Power Drive on his web page. Since it requires the transmission to handle the increased torque, I would be more inclined to go with a higher ratio final drive instead.

With both the engine and transmission moving the power and torque at higher revs, I would think that this arrangement would be easier on the equipment. When I revised my diff in my street rod to a 3.73. ratio, the transmission certainly liked it and rewarded me by not blowing up again>>>
Hi I have just joined this forum , I’ve always admired theses Motorhomes. I have been researching on here and other places to better understand the vehicle before I buy one . Something that keeps coming up is that you can’t drive theses over 55 or 60 that the motors can’t take it ? I then read other claims it the hot rod of rvs . Which is it . I currently have a Ford e350 chinook and fully loaded I can do 80 ... not the best on mileage but no problem for the motor and rides fine.
Welcome, I try not to get over 65 on mine but it is hard to keep it there it keeps wanting to creep up to 70+.
As far as a hot rod of motorhome all I can say is when I first got it I was driving it out of my mom’s neighborhood and had to cross a busy 4 lane road with lots of traffic. Cars on my left were easily seen but the other 2 lanes of car to my right come up over a hill. So I started out to cross and sure enough 2 cars come popping up over the hill. I panicked and punched it, smoked the front tires and yes got over the road in quick order. Never realized these motorhome could smoke their tires, funniest thing.