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  • LQQKatJon
    LQQKatJon replied to the thread Seal at dipstick top.
    Both the tranny dipstick. As well as oil dipstick should have zero seals. They work as vents. Hard to believe oil would go out...
  • R
    RickHaugh replied to the thread Rear bogie bushings.
    Or pump a little grease with suspension movement like they did in some early cars.
  • D
    Don Jaksa replied to the thread Operation Onan.
    I am in the middle of a 6k Onan restore. Mine is out and easily accessible...
  • RF_Burns
    RF_Burns replied to the thread Drinking the Koolaide... ;-).
    I had glass or ceramic (can't remember the brand) balance beads in the tires for maybe 5 years with no issues. Then about 2018 I...
  • KenTexian
    KenTexian replied to the thread Operation Onan.
    Thanks. I’m going to rewire the entire thing. Thankfully no strike marks on the bottom of the pan.
  • KenTexian
    KenTexian replied to the thread Operation Onan.
    Thanks, I’ll replace the mounts. Good observation. It is definitely sliding easier after I spent an hour and half degreasing the rails...
  • D
    Don Jaksa reacted to Carl Stouffer's post in the thread Onan clunking on start up with Like Like.
    It might be a good idea to replace the rubber donut mounts as well. They settle over time and can cause the starter bracket to break...
  • D
    Don Jaksa replied to the thread Operation Onan.
    If you look at the image 7140 you can see where the starter battery cable is STIRKING the frame. That big black spot. The sagging...
  • B
    Bhart replied to the thread Furnace removal.
    Somewhere in the archive's some stated that they cut the bottom cabinet frame out in front of the furnace to enable the removal of it.
  • D
    Don Jaksa replied to the thread Operation Onan.
    The reason the draw wont slide easily is because the rubber vibro-mounts have sagged and the unit is catching on the frame. Those need...
  • KenTexian
    KenTexian reacted to dsmithy's post in the thread Which chassis charging setup is best? with Haha Haha.
    Having a slow summer Christo? Need to stir the pot?
  • KenTexian
    KenTexian posted the thread Operation Onan in House Systems.
    Last week I made a decision to at least try and revive my Onan 6kw Power Drawer. I ordered new plug wires, carb rebuild kit, new fuel...
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  • 74_Coach
    74_Coach reacted to RF_Burns's post in the thread 4 way Hazards missing part? with Like Like.
    Our steering columns were used by GM on many models of vehicles for many years. They were also used by other vehicle manufacturers. Any...
  • T
    tmsnyder reacted to LQQKatJon's post in the thread Furnace removal with Love Love.
    Comes out from under counter after removing the couch. You will want to take the floor out of the cabinet to the right as well...
  • eserv
    eserv reacted to RF_Burns's post in the thread Seal at dipstick top with Like Like.
    I don't recall a seal at the top of the oil dipstick, but I'll take a look this morning. I'd check the PCV valve and it's connection to...
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