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  • Thanks to a generous contribution from Rick Denney, 120,000 posts from 2004-2008 have been imported into the GMCnet Archive! With this latest addition, a virtually complete history of GMCnet is available online for the first time in an easily accessible, searchable format!
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Oct 4, 2019
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This read-only GMCnet archive covers from 1998-2022, comprising more than 88,000 threads and 570,000 messages. Thanks to Patrick Flowers, founder of the GMCnet email distribution list, and Rick Denney for supplying the source material. Although significant effort was spent in an attempt to keep message threads together and to minimize repetition of earlier posts in replies, this was only partially successful due to the wide variety of formatting and quoting styles used by different people and their various email clients. Also, some posts and replies may be missing due to synchronization problems between the GMCnet email list and its mirror, the GMCforum owned by Eugene Mazzurana. Finally, many hours have been spent moderating the content to comply with the rules of this forum and to remove irrelevant threads including a large volume of content concerning email viruses. If you find any content that breaks the forum rules, please feel free to click the REPORT button at the bottom of the message.


Whenever content was imported where the GMCnet user's email address matched the email address of a Member of this forum, the content would be associated with the Member. Otherwise, a new Member would be created. The username of the new Member would be derived either by using the "friendly name" associated with the GMCnet email address or, if no friendly name was available, the prefix of the email address before the '@' symbol. In case of a username collision, a number would be added to the end of the username, for example "Test" would become "Test1".

If you are associated with one of these automatically-generated Member accounts and wish to take ownership of the account, simply use the "Forgot your password" link on the login screen to set a password for the account. Or, if you're an existing forum Member with GMCnet content under a different email address that you wish to merge with your existing Member account, send me a request via a private message.

Search Tips

If you wish to search for content only in the GMCnet subforum, simply navigate to that subforum, click the magnifying glass icon and set the selector at the end of the search bar to "This forum". It is also possible to search by date range using the "Advanced search..." tool. Please note, as of May 2023 the minimum word length that is currently available for searching is 4 characters and the total number of search results that can be returned in a single search is 1,000.


Please post any questions, comments and feedback here.

Thank You

Thanks again to all those who contributed to the GoFundMe campaign to make the GMCnet import project possible! I'm proud and grateful to be a member of the wonderful GMC Motorhome community. Thanks also to Driven 2 Services for the rules-based import. They did a terrific job at a fair price!
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