Rear fixed window WTB

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Well-known member
Jan 15, 2014
Buffalo NY
Hi folks,

In case you were ever in doubt, that small rubber strip of trim around your fixed windows does actually hold the glass in place!

I ran an experiment to see how long the small rear fixed window would stay in place after the rubber came off. Turns out it's about 10 hours at 70mph. At that point it hinges outward, catching the wind and torquing the heck out of the center aluminum piece until the glass explodes into a million pieces with a tremendous "BANG".

On a totally related topic, does anyone have the small fixed rear window that they'd like to sell? I'm planning to be at the Michigan GMCMI rally, so that might be a good place to exchange glass for whatever you'd like in return.

In exchange I could offer you any combination of cash, a selection of local microbrews, any of the products from my NY Farm Distillery (vodka, gin, bourbon, rye, limoncello, arancello, hot cinnamon gin (think the original fireball candy), corn whiskey (moonshine), and a second barrel aged, peat smoked whiskey we call Special Reserve.

I do have a parts coach to pull one from, so it's not an emergency, but if someone has one I could use it!