Padded dash crack filler


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Feb 1, 2021
That Polyvance looks basically like any common polyester (bondo) type filler. From the video it seems most the filling is done by melting plastic into the cavity and using this stuff as a skim coat of sorts - if your dash is cracked like mine I'd suggest using a soldering iron and some plastic to do the fill/join/repair first. You could then using any common or garden polyester filler on top, (after #40 grit sanding) because you have to go for a mechanical bond here, attempting chemical bonding would be fruitless IMO.
Then of course there's the question of color. I suppose a vinyl paint may be the answer but not having tried that I don't know. Worth a shot though.
You could also look into an adhesive "skin" type product to cover the dash too. That's probably what I would do if I was going to try and repair it. Either that, or cover it with carpet and forget it!

Whatever you decide to do, please post any updates!

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