LifePo4 upgrade


Sep 14, 2020
Dingmans Ferry, Pa. and NYC
Hello Wise Ones! I am considering replacing my 8 year old 6 volt house batts with a single 200 Ah 12 volt lifepo4 battery. I have a Progressive Dynamics charger 2 years old claiming to be compatible.
What other concerns should I have? Many thanks for any advice!
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If tempted, that LiFePo4 can absorb all the power available. This could take out your alternator. So, you need to go looking for DC-DC charge controller that an limit what the new battery can take at any one time. There are several suppliers for these including Renogy. I have done no research in this area.
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Check into your Progressive Dynamics charger parameters. I don't know where they got their charging specs, but the early ones just held at 14.6 volts forever. This is very bad for a LiFePO4 battery.

Then in the fall of 2021 they changed to a 2-stage charge where the voltage was reduced to 13.6V to carry any loads after the battery was charged, but 14.6V target voltage is still a bit high.

Starting this year they reduced the target voltage from 14.6 to 14.4V which is much kinder to the battery.

I would check with PD and see what version you have and if they offer an upgrade to the latest charge parameters.

A DC-DC charger is definitely a must. I've been using a Renogy 20A version for 3 years now. It works well and has a low power mode (50% current limit) for when you know your battery is charged but just need to carry a load like our all electric fridge. They have higher power models as well.
You'll need a DC to DC charger or one of these:

I have one of these on my system and it does the job just fine. I also have solar (195 watts) so my batteries never get very low in the first place.