Great reading for lovers of old iron... like most of us!

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Sep 7, 2008
Ontario Canada
I posted this over at GMCNet a few years, but there are lots of new owners so here it is again.

I'm not a big reader outside of manuals etc, so its rare I would ever pick up and read a book. But there is an author who's books I can read over and over. His name is Roger Welsh and his books about old iron. From Wikipedia "He is an author, humorist and folklorist, Welsch was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, and today lives outside of Dannebrog, Nebraska. Welsch was the 2005 winner of the Henry Fonda Award, from the State of Nebraska Travel and Tourism Division." He also was a regular on CBS News Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt and had a regular column in Successful Farm Ageless Iron.

His books on old iron is about his hobby of finding old long neglected tractors and bringing them back to life. Its not about how to do the work, but the trials and tribulations of freeing up stuck engines and removing broken off bolts, buying new tools etc.

Being a farmboy and growing up working with old machinery from the 30's and 40's it hits home with me and he has a way of writing that keeps me engaged and laughing as I can relate to his experiences.

Anyway, relaxing here in Mexico and catching up on my reading, just thought some of you guys might like his stuff. Here is a short list of some of his books on Old iron that I keep in the GMC.

-Old Tractors and the Men Who Love Them: How to Keep Your Tractors Happy and Your Family Running. Motorbooks International, 1995.
-Busted Tractors and Rusty Knuckles: Norwegian Torque Wrench Techniques and Other Fine Points of Tractor Restoration. Motorbooks International, 1997.
-Everything I Know About Women, I Learned From My Tractor, MBI Publishing Company, 2002, 2003
-Love, Sex, and Tractors. Motorbooks International, 2000.
-From Tinkering to Torquing: A Beginner's Guide to Tractors and Tools. MBI Publishing Company, 2005.
-Old Tractors Never Die: Roger's Guide to the Care and Feeding of Ancient Iron. Voyageur Press, 2001.
-A Life with Dogs. Motorbooks International, 2004.
-Postcards from Nebraska: The Stories Behind the Stories as Seen on CBS News "Sunday Morning." J&L Lee Company, 2000.
-Diggin' in and Piggin' Out: The Truth About Food and Men. New York: HarperCollins, 1997.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
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Thanks for the recommendations, Bruce. As a fellow "book hater" I'll take your approval to heart. They sound intriguing. I've grown quite fond of old iron, even as a *cough*--Millennial; my collection is growing all the time. Perhaps I can find some words of wisdom in these books to annoy my wife with. :)