Decommissioned from US Air Force - $1k


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Feb 6, 2022
Not mine. This is parked in the field at the GMC CoOp. Property lease ends Jan 31 2023. Going to the crushers if someone doesn't buy and haul it away very soon.

TZE368V100296 was deployed to the Gulf War as a microwave broadcast repeater. If you think towing bills are expensive, this flew round trip on a Guppy (Aero Spacelines aircraft). GMC can't handle weight of military armor (unlike the movies) so this GMC was surrounded with tanks during deployment.

TZE368V100296 04.JPG

TZE368V100296 09.JPG

TZE368V100296 06.JPG

Two pipes on roof area are brackets for microwave antennas.
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