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Jan 24, 2021
Just to follow up on this, I did get it to its new home. Fixed the neutral safety switch, put all new front brakes on it and drove it about 200 miles without incident, with a 5 gallon plastic gas tank strapped to the front bumper. The darn thing drives better than the one I have already, nice and straight down the road, great on bumpy roads, lots of power from the 455, shifts fine. Almost a shame to use it for parts. I'm going to cover it with a billboard vinyl tarp, up high on blocks in the sun, it should dry out nice inside. I have a walk the plank mouse trap inside to start to cut them down in numbers, really didn't catch as many as I thought it would, just 2 so far.

On the way out of it, before disconnecting the chassis battery, I heard something humming, it was the fridge running and it was cold. A working fridge, bonus!
have you parted it out yet .


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Oct 7, 2019
Buffalo NY
No, actually I haven't pulled a single part off it LOL. It rode and drove so nice I might actually try to get it titled. But in the event I do need a part, it's there.

Instead, I'm putting parts into it. Ragusa ladder, which mounts up the back and then on top around the rear and forward on the roof. And a storage pod. Both came off my Eleganza, I just stuffed them inside and covered the whole thing with a billboard tarp.

So far so good, but next summer I need to get it way up on blocks so it doesn't end up down in the mud. I blocked the rear end at regular height, front is sitting on the ground so both of those are going to be too low for the long term. I'm thinking wood cribbing on the frame strong spots and get it up 2' at least.