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Bob Dunahugh

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Jan 16, 2020
Got into GMC's in 2003. Have rebuilt one 73, and three 78 - Royales. If you have a rear bath Royale. There's some poorly utilize storage. Contact me if you wish. Widened the entry side door to 36 inches on two of the Royales. From the stock 29". Our Royale does a lot of towing. From Linda's handicap lift van. GVW then comes in at about 17,000 lbs. To my 24 ft enclosed race car hauler. With car, and shop inside. That's about 24,000 lbs GVW. Have had the enclosed to about 7 GMCMI events. That surprised some owners.
I just bought a Micro Level System for our GMC. To replace the stock air ride controls. Has auto level for the camp site. And a remote control key fob. To help reduce gas full burping when filling your gas tanks. Plus to help drain the holding tanks. Black, and gray water both. Looking to install it later next week. Photos will be available of the install. The kit is truly a master piece of materials, and workmanship.
So, since I'm new here. And NOT up to speed. You are welcomed to e-mail to this site. Direct at my and by phone. 319-521-4891. cell Hoping to be of value to this site.
Bob Dunahugh
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
78 Royale since 2003
4 Real COPO Yenkos
A collection of 5 restored convertibles
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