Birchaven with dinette and in back seats/bed wanted for Belgium friend


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May 23, 2016
Landgraaf, the Netherlands
Asking for a Belgium friend, he and his wife are searching for a Birchaven, in good condition, with dinette and in back seats/bed.
They want to ship that GMC to Belgium and use it there.
The GMC should be well maintained and in good condition.
... they are specifically looking for a 23 foot GMC.

thanks, Daniel
Did you happen to warn him that Mid-Bath Birches are REAL RARE?

... yes, Matt .... I did. ....... told him in the US there are only a few, but in Europe they were more rare than a needle in a haystack.
.... there was one for sale in Wisconsin, Just this weekend, but it was sold to the first guy who came looking for it ...

thanks Russell, that is the one, that was just sold this weekend, and where Luc took an intrest in ...
There was a intrested party just first in line, Luc was second interested ..... it was sold to the first.
Larry was helping us and was ready to take a look, but since it was sold, no need ...

the other one needs much to much work, and isn’t worth shipping to Europe. Since he wants a good and well maintained GMC.
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